Philadelphia, PA


Annabel Daou wins prize at Cairo Biennale

Annabel Daou has created a site-specific, time-based installation entitled from where to where, which throws into confusion concepts of time and place—indicators essential to how art is traditionally selected, organized, identified, contextualized, displayed, and understood. In New York and Beirut, Daou asked strangers: Where are you now? Where are you coming from? and Where are you going to? and “mapped”/wrote down the responses she received. The piece is accompanied by a sound installation, created by Daou and Greta Byrum, which incorporates the same answers to the same questions, in the same languages, recorded simultaneously. The piece’s title makes it an inquiry into how identity is asserted, undermined, and/or reconstructed through the ongoing exchange between “location” and state of mind. Annabel Daou is of Lebanese descent and is based in New York, New York.