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Rob Matthews on The Artblog

Rob Matthews receives the 'Cubism Surprise' award for the 2014 Liberta awards on The Artblog

Rob Matthews "Janus" exhibition catalog available

The exhibition catalog for Rob Matthews "Janus" is now available on Amazon.


Reception for 'Joy!' and holiday hours

Gallery Joe's holiday show 'Joy!' will open December 5th, staying open until 8pm for First Friday. There will be a holiday party and reception on Saturday, December 13th, from 2–5:30pm. Exhibition runs through January 3rd. Gallery Joe will be closed December 24th – January 1st.

'Janus' selected as one of the Must See Painting Shows for October

New American Paintings names Rob Matthews 'Janus' an October pick

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Mia Rosenthal Arkansas Arts Center exhibition and acquisition

Mia Rosenthal's drawings are included in the 12th National Drawing Invitational: Outside the Lines at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, through October 5th. Mia will be giving a talk and workshop September 12th and 13th. More information and an online catalog including an essay by Ann Prentice Wagner, Curator of Drawings at The Arkansas Arts Center is also acquiring her drawing Google Portrait of Philip Guston for its permanent collection.


Allyson Strafella in Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology

"This beautiful book brings together some of the best examples by typewriter artists around the world. As well as key historical work from the Bauhaus, H. N. Werkman, and the concrete poets, there is art by contemporary practitioners, both typewriter artists who use the keyboard as a "palette" to create artworks, and artists/typographers using the form as a compositional device. The book will appeal to graphic designers, typographers, artists, and illustrators, and anyone fascinated by predigital technology." By Barrie Tullett, published by Laurence King Publishing, 2014.


Marilyn Holsing in The Woodmere Annual 73rd Juried Exhibition

Marilyn Holsing is included in The Woodmere Annual 73rd Juried Exhibition, juried by Sarah McEneaney. Her piece 'Toil' is part of a current series about Young Marie Antoinette's maids and their interactions. The exhibition is on view through September 1st.


Sebastian Rug reviewed by Julia Clift for Title Magazine

"The resulting sway of each piece is evocative; it records a relationship between control and its lack, with which all human beings are intimately familiar. Each mark suggests our day-by-day, or minute-by-minute agency; the finished product reflects the unpredictable sum of a life. According to the size of Rug’s mark, the unit of experience for which he dare assume authority is awfully short."

Jill Baroff in The Philadelphia Inquirer

'Paper, scissors, art' - Edith Newhall reviews 'Brilliant Corners'

Sebastian Rug and Jill Baroff New American Paintings Must See Painting Shows

Publishers Pick for April

Mia Rosenthal awarded Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund Grant

Mia Rosenthal has been awarded a 2014 Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund Grant for the Performing and Visual Arts. The award recognizes young artists of exceptional promise.

April opening reception

There will be an opening reception for Sebastian Rug, Drawings and Jill Baroff, Brilliant Corners on Saturday, April 19th from 4:00-6:00pm

Chip Schwartz reviews "a little bit every day" for the artblog

What on earth do space, pizza, MacBooks, and evolution have in common? Well, frankly, not an awful lot. Despite their apparently arbitrary assortment, Mia Rosenthal draws together all of these elements and populates Gallery Joe with them for her solo show A Little Bit Every Day, which is as conceptually unexpected as it is painstakingly crafted. By illustrating what we know directly from our daily lives (laptops, phones, and Google searches) and pairing that with ideas we recognize mostly through indirect, memetic means (astronomy and evolution), Rosenthal confronts us with two very different faces of awareness.

Mia Rosenthal in The New Criterion

James Panero visits Philadelphia for the March 2014 Gallery Chronicle, including 'a little bit every day' at Gallery Joe.

Edith Newhall reviews "a little bit every day" in The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Since seeing Mia Rosenthal's first show of drawings at Gallery Joe two years ago, I've occasionally wondered what she would do for her next solo exhibition there. Would she again develop an idea into one disciplined, project-like body of work, as she had done so nicely in her conceptual revisions of views depicted in well-known Hudson River School paintings? Or would she explore several directions at once, something she seemed eminently capable of doing? It's turned out to be the latter, exhilaratingly so."

Rob Matthews in "Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing"

"Walk the Line: the Art of Drawing" by Ana Ibarra and Marc Valli features the work of 66 contemporary drawing artists.


Mia Rosenthal on The Morning News

Rosecrans Baldwin interviews Mia Rosenthal, includes image gallery for 'a little bit every day.'

Gallery joe is pleased to be a sponsoring gallery for the 14th Annual Inliquid Benefit Auction

Join us at InLiquid's annual benefit Saturday, February 8th at the Icebox Project Space or bid online.

Annette Monnier reviews Sample(d)(r) for Philadelphia City Paper

"Astrid Bowlby has a problem many artists would kill for: Her works sell too fast, disappearing into private collections, perhaps never again to be seen by the artist who made them. This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to those who would happily exchange some of their artwork for money. But it’s difficult to grow as an artist if your work constantly evaporates before you have time to live with it, know it and reflect on it. The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts alumna and current visiting critic used to try to recreate from memory some of the works she’d sold, but she always found the resuscitations wanting. “Sample(d)(r),” currently at Gallery Joe, is Bowlby’s interesting solution to getting some quality time with her own work."

Astrid Bowlby in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Edith Newhall reviews Sample(d)(r) in the Philadelphia Inquirer