Philadelphia, PA


Deborah Krieger reviews Mia Rosenthal's exhibition Earth, sky, present, past at GALLERY Land Collective on Artblog

"Mia Rosenthal’s exhibition Earth, sky, present, past, is small and modest but enormous in scope. In just eight ink drawings, she explores humanity’s habits of observing the world around us — earth and sky — using drawing as a way to order and grasp at understanding and see connections between our present and the past." 


Astrid Bowlby permanent installation at the Comcast Technology Center

Astrid Bowlby's new installation, Kiosk, has been installed in the Comcast Technology Center. Kiosk is made from thousands of ink and brush drawings cut from paper. Once collaged together, each small piece became part of a larger drawing.


Allyson Strafella at The Print Center in New Typographics: Typewriter Art as Print

New Typographics: Typewriter Art as Print features work by artists who use the typewriter as a matrix for forming text into image. Typically referred to as typewriter “art” or typewriter “drawings,” this exhibition posits that artworks created with a typewriter should be recognized as prints, in light of the mechanism and process of their production. Includes work by Lenka Clayton, Dom Sylvester Houédard, Gustave Morin, Elena del Rivero, James Siena and Allyson Strafella. Through July 27, 2019 at The Print Center.


Sharka Hyland acquisition and exhibition at the Weatherspoon Museum of Art

Sharka Hyland's drawing Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River (ch. IV) has been acquired by the Weatherspoon Museum of Art's Dillard Collection of Art on Paper. Hyland's drawing is currently on view in Art on Paper 2019: The 45th Exhibition, at the Weatherspoon Museum of Art through May 9, 2019.