Philadelphia, PA


Installation view, Front Gallery

March 06 - April 25, 2009



February 23, 2009

Curvilinear: drawings in the Front Gallery at Gallery Joe

Mae West famously stated, “The curve is more powerful than the sword.” She was, of course, referring to her feminine wiles and curvaceous form and not to a line on paper. In Curvilinear at Gallery Joe we show that curves on paper have the power to be humorous or rigorously precise, gestural or formally elegant. Twelve artists show work composed entirely of curved lines. Materials vary widely and remind us that there are myriad ways of arriving at a curve. They include ink, watercolor, fruit stickers, graphite, colored pencil, and crushed mirror.

Artists in the show are William Anastasi, Astrid Bowlby, Emily Brown, Annabel Daou, Gerhard Mayer, Sharon Louden, Linn Meyers, Emilio Perez, Laurie Reid, Mark Sheinkman, Lynne Woods Turner, Rachel Perry Welty.

Curvilinear opens in the Front Gallery on Friday, March 6 and continues through April 25, 2009. There will be a reception on First Friday, March 6 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. For additional information 215.592.7752,, or visit our website at


06 Mar - 25 Apr 2009

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