Philadelphia, PA

Xylor Jane

The Quadrant - installation view
marker on wall
60 x 60 inches

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Xylor Jane

b. 1963 Orange County, CA
Lives and works in Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and Mt. Holyoke, MA


San Francisco Art Institute, BFA painting, 1993

Solo Exhibitions

Xylor Jane, 3:07 AM, CANADA, New York, NY
crisscross, Galerie Almine Rech, Paris, France
The Armory Show, New York, NY
N.D.E, CANADA, New York, NY
Jack Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Dying Everyday, CANADA, New York, NY
Recent Drawings, OSP Gallery, Boston, MA
The Doubloon, Four, Dublin, Ireland
Say When, Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL
Dot Square, CANADA, New York, NY
Twin Prime, Jack Hanley, San Francisco, CA
Blue Max, The LAB, San Francisco, CA
III, Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA
Intro, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Seven 01 Café, San Francisco, CA
Good Luck, Rare Gallery Project room, New York, NY
Inn, 151 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Hell’s Half Acre, 151 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Carry the One, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA
Clown Pickles, The Attic, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions

All Black, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
Science and Exploration, Horton Gallery, New York, NY
New Shadow Old Legs, Eleven Rivington, New York, NY
Abstract Now and Then, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA
New York Minute, curated by Kathy Grayson, Macro Future, Rome, Italy
Ecstatic Resistance, X Initiative, New York, NY
Abstract Abstract, Foxy Production, New York, NY
Lisa Beck, Ben Berlow, Graham Caldwell, Xylor Jane, Jacob Kassay, David Malek: GROUP SHOW @ 515 BROADWAY, Martos Gallery, New York, NY
Formulation, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
50 Very Small Drawings, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
Headlock, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
All is Well…, 80 WSE Gallery, NYU, New York, NY
The Show’s So Nice, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY
Analogous Logic, curated by Summer Guthery & Lumi Tan, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY
Machine Imaginaire, curated by Marc LeBlanc, Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago, IL
Crystal Crunch, Perugi Artecontemporanea, Padova, Italy
Euphorian: Art from San Francisco, Pierogi Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Table Top, Josée bienvenu gallery, New York, NY
Gridlock, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
West Coast Windows, Samson Projects, Boston, MA
Searching for Love & Fire, David Castillo, Miami, FL
Series…, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
Past Lives and Personal Exorcisms, Blackbirdspace, San Francisco, CA
Bay Area Now 4, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Excitations, curated by Matt Keegan, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, NY
Realms of San Francisco, Nakaochi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Fix Box, Rare Gallery, New York, NY
Op…ish, Samson Projects, Boston, MA
Rico/Maresca, New York, NY
Majority Whip, White Box, New York, NY
The Big Ballyhoo, The LAB, San Francisco, CA
Mental Space, Wendy Cooper Gallery, Madison, WI
The Bay Area Show, Detroit Contemporary and Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI
Xylor Jane Robin Peck, Luke Murphy, New York, NY
Contemorary and Mathematical instinct, curated by Peter Spooner, Center for the Arts, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ and University Art Museums of Richmond, VA
LTTR Explosion, Art in General, New York, NY
Spring Group Show, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
Works on Paper, Rare, New York, NY
THE 01 THE ONLY, The LAB, San Francisco, CA (benefit show)
A Three Week Show, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
XJ & JK: Air, traveling exhibit, The LAB, San Francisco, CA
Drawing Show, Wendy Cooper Gallery Madison, WI
Dirt Wizards, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY
Close Calls, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA
Hybrid Digital, Analogue, San Francisco State University, SF, CA
Drawing Show, Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, CA
MARK: Contemporary Drawings, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA
Contemporary Art and Mathematical Instinct, curated by Peter Spooner, The Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota-Duluth
XyZ, Rare Gallery Project Room, New York, NY
1 Way, (Mural), Clarion Alley, San Francisco, CA
Move 8, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA (curator, Rich Jacobs)
Template, Balazo, San Francisco, CA
Pierogi Flat Files, The Armory, New York, NY
Goop, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA
DEMO, Nexus, Philadelphia, PA
Friction Fit, Drawing show, Fort Haggis Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Superbowl Sunday, (Mural) LunaSea Theater, San Francisco, CA
DOTS, Balazo, San Francisco, CA
Pierogi Flat Files, Block ArtSpace, Kansas City, MO
Plump, Spaceproject, San Francisco, CA
Pierogi Flat Files, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Pierogi Flat Files, Post gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Pretty Town, ESP Gallery, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Drawing Show, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA (curator, Chris Johanson and Alicia McCarthy)
Don't Eat Where You Shit, Installation, Lexington Club, San Francisco, CA
Peekaboo, ESP Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Excavation Civilization, Gallery Lascombe, San Francisco, CA
Fives, 11:11 Lounge, San Francisco, CA
7th Annual Juried Show, Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA
Live Nude Girls, New York, NY (curator, Kathy Brady)
Stuck, ESP Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Awards and Grants

SFBG Goldie, Visual Art
Artist in Residence, The LAB, San Francisco, CA
Artist in Residence, Bottle of Bread, Shelbourne Falls, MA
Ora Lerman Charitable Trust Artist's residency, PA
Astraea Visual Artist's Award, New York
Ebb/Tide Muralist, LunaSea Gallery, San Francisco, CA


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Xylor Jane

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