Philadelphia, PA

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July 07 - August 05, 2000

In Memory


Philadelphia, PA- Gallery Joe is pleased to present an exhibition of drawings by Mark Lombardi. In Memory opens on Friday, July 7th and runs through August 5, 2000.

Mark Lombardi came to prominence in the late 90’s for his diagrammatic drawings of financial and political scandal. In a shorthand of his own invention he described intricate and complex relationships between banks, politicians, investors and criminals. His subjects included such sensational scandals as the Iran-Contra Affair, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Whitewater, and the Silverado Savings and Loan, and Vatican Bank scandals. Described as a conceptual artist with a passion for news, Mark created his elaborate flowcharts by distilling information from newspapers, magazines, and other published sources. To keep track of the information he kept an extensive card file, which grew to will over 12,000 cards. Executed in pencil his drawings vary in scale from notebook size to wall covering panoramas. Mark’s work has a graphic verve reflecting his passionate embrace of information.

Included in the show are 12 drawings. Two large-scale works, Banco Nacional, Reagan, Bush, Thatcher &the Arming of Iraq and World Finance Corporation of Miami measure 12 feet and 6 feet long respectively. Some of the drawings are highly finished while others are working drawings. There is also a video showing Mark in his studio explaining his process.

Mark was born and raised in Syracuse, NY where he earned a degree in Art History from Syracuse University in 1974. He lived for 23 years in Houston, Texas working for a time as an assistant curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art. He owned a small gallery in Houston and was also an abstract painter. In 1993 while talking to a banker friend about the savings and loan scandal he made a doodle diagram. From that sketch his mature work evolved. He began showing his drawings in 1995.

His work, including his monumental drawing on the BCCI Scandal measuring over 158 inches in length, was first shown in New York at the Drawing Center in 1997. After that show Mark moved to New York and the following year had a solo show, Silent Partners, at Pierogi 2000 in Brooklyn. In 1999 he had his second show at Devon Golden Fine Arts in Chelsea. In March, 2000 Mark died by his own hand. He was 48 years old. In seven years of feverish work Mark produced close to 600 works of art.

Mark’s drawings were included in a group show Drawing Rules at Gallery Joe in 1999 at which point we arranged for a solo show of his work. Mark was convinced that his show should coincide with the GOP convention in Philadelphia. In memory is dedicated to Mark. It is the first solo show of his drawings since his death.

In Memory opens on First Friday July 7 and runs through August 5, 2000. Gallery Joe will also participate in the special EXTRA Friday on July 28. Regular gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 12 – 5:30, other days by appointment. For additional information contact Becky Kerlin, 215.592.7752, FAX 215.238.6923 or email

In Memory

07 Jul - 05 Aug 2000